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What is the
Animation Personal Trainer?

The Animation: Personal Trainer program is an intense, personalized and completely customized 4 week online study program for animators and animation students of all levels. APT is a more interactive form of animation teaching than the video VTS format and is one of the most flexible and personalized approaches to animation training available. Only a very few students each session will be taken on for the program. Each student will have their own curriculum developed just for them to help them achieve improvement in their animation. The APT is not a one-size-fits-all program of animation training but is made just for you. If the VTS is like an exercise video and other schooling programs are like group jazzercize classes, then the APT is your own personal trainer. Thus the name... Animation: Personal Trainer.

What Folks Are Saying About the Animation Personal Trainer
Here's a quick sample of some of the subscriber feedback I've received about the APT....

"The fact that I get to do it at my own pace and with my own curriculum taught by a pro himself is a great way to step into stride with my animation... This is the real advantage of APT in my view"


"There is a massive difference between understanding the principles of animation and actually applying them to your work. Keith trained my eye to be able to critique my work in these key areas as I go along to achieve a good result."


"Keith was always very professional and concerned about how we felt about the program and that we were getting our moneys worth, which I felt I definitely was."

"For me APT was an excellent way to improve my skills, learn more about “how animation should work” and start to think more of how to approach a scene professionally."

What the APT may be lacking in star power or facny doo-dads we more than make up for it with high quality personal service and a passion to help you be a better animator. Why not give it a shot? We do several sessions a year. Feel free to email me to find out when the next one will be.

Check out the APT FAQ for more details

What is the
Video Tutorial

The VTS is a monthly subscription based video training system for high end performance character animation. The goal and focus of the VTS is to share my knowledge and understanding of character animation based upon my 10+ years experience as a professional character animator, animation supervisor and animation director for television, video, game cinematics and feature film. I've hired and trained dozens of animators in my career and many of them have gone on to the biggest animation studios in the world. The same things I taught them I teach on the VTS. It really is one of the most affordable ways to get material from an experienced professional animator.

What Folks Are Saying About the Video Tutorial Service
Here's a quick sample of some of the subscriber feedback I've received about the VTS....

"I also felt like I had a great head start into the acting from your VTS. I really felt like I had a great advantage over what was being taught. So once again thank you."
- VTS Subscriber and Animation Mentor student.

"This is the MOST amazing animation sample yet!!!!
It's the most alive most most simple to read most RESOLVING sample EVER!!!  I have never seen anything like that on a SIMPLE bouncing ball."

- An excited VTS Subscriber

"Great VTS this month Keith! Eye opening stuff! Thank you so much!"
- This guy even drew me a picture he was so excited.

"Just finished watching VTS08 and thought I should say thanks! That was a great tut and I loved the micro animation stuff."
- Another VTS Subscriber

I'll admit it, folks. These videos aren't the prettiest thing on the planet. Heck, I'm on them so the beauty points go way down right there. But instead of spending a ton of money in a studio making these pretty I put the effort into the content. I think it's a good choice. Hundreds of happy subscribers can't be wrong. Well, they could be wrong, but I don't think they are. Folks are getting a lot out of the VTS videos, their understanding of animation is widening, light bulbs are going on and people are excited to be learning this stuff. So check out for yourself what all the hubbub's about.

Check out the VTS FAQ for more details